Evaluate and build your evidence base

Libraries Week provides a great opportunity to gather evidence and insights that will support you in local advocacy for your services as well as enable quality improvements and service development.

Collecting evidence about your service or library practice can help you make informed decisions about what you do or should be doing, help you understand whether you are doing things in the best way, test out new ideas or services and help others make decisions about your services (by demonstrating what you do is worthwhile). 

Evidence does not always have to be generated by research (although this is great); evidence could also be from your local service, and may be something you collect routinely, such as library statistics. Comparing your regular library statistics before Libraries Week, with Libraries Week statistics, and then those after Libraries Week, could give you a general indication of any changes or impact made by the Libraries Week campaign on your service.  A one-off evaluation, of something you introduced in Libraries Week, would give you an idea of whether to continue or repeat the activity in the future.

Here is a list of some of the evidence you could gather as part of evaluating engagement with your events, activities and services during Libraries Week:

  • Number of new library joiners
  • Newsletters sign ups
  • Click rates on newsletter to monitor engagement and interaction with your content
  • Event/activity attendance or engagement: could you circulate a form to capture who came to the library, where they are from and what they did while they were there? Are they new to the library and would they return?
  • Track your social media engagement, how many new followers did you attract, how many likes, comment and shares did your posts receive?
  • Collect testimonials from those who came to the library and engaged with your events, activities or used the service. What feedback can they share on their experience? What was the impact of their library visit? Did you or your staff make a particular difference?